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Operations Consultant - Egypt
Rasha Rashad

Provides a turnkey solution in the area of operations setup. The service includes project management to setup new or existing facilities to suit current business growth, downsizing, expansion or renovation.

Services Outline

Renting space
Search and contact market specialist to rent/buy space whether furnished or unfurnished according to business needs and specified budget.

New Space Setup
Contact and manage contractors, consultants, interior decorators and other professionals as needed for space painting, pluming, air conditioning, electricity setup, network setup, phone lines and others, according to business needs and budget. 

Moving to New Location
Provide a moving plan and manages it to ensure minimum disturbance to the business and efficiency in the process. In addition, to setting up new locations, continuing old services and installing others as needed. That may include moving/ ending old telephone lines, leased lines, space rental..etc.

Hiring Admin staff
Recruit admin staff like admin assistances, office managers, receptionist, IS Specialists, messengers, drivers, security guards and office boys. In addition, adequate training to the hired personal can be arranged to ensure successful workflow after consulting period ends.

Equipments/ Furniture and other business tools purchases
Search and contact market suppliers to buy / rent furniture and business tools like air conditions, fax machines, photocopiers, workstations, PCs, printers..etc. This service may also include training personal to use and maintain the tools acquired.

Downsizing / Upsizing Restructuring
Reorganize the business space to the most optimal levels to suit the new business restructuring like downsizing or upsizing. That may include adding / ending services and reorganizing actual space setup also selling / buying new business tools.  

Setting Up Services and Maintenance Plans
Contact and manages services companies to install a required service and create a maintenance plan to ensure successful workflow after consulting period ends. Services may include network setup, hardware/software/printers and all business tools inspection, air conditions installation and maintenance, carpet cleaning..etc.  


112b Ammar Ibn Yasser, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt  Mobile: +(201)2 217 6118

Five years of professional experience in the area of operations management in the IT, recruitment and retail businesses. While in the work field developed expertise in project management, budget controls, managing people, defining/ monitoring processes, site setup, admin staff hiring, facility management / maintenance, outsourcing services, utilities control and built a suppliers’ contact network in the different areas. 

Employment History

  • Operations Manager, ITWorx, Feb 00 – present
  • Recruitment Specialist, WestPoint (Canada), Aug 99 – Feb 00
  • Operations Manager, ITWorx, Mar 98 – May 99
  • Store Manager, MultiMedia Mega Stores, Feb 97 – Feb 98

Bachelor of Science,Computer Science. The American University in Cairo, Egypt, 1997

Other Courses:

  • Project Management Certificate,British Council Center of Education, Cairo, Egypt (2000) 
  • Part–Time Studies,Human Resources Management Certificate. BCIT, Vancouver, Canada (1999)
Operations Setup Work Related


  • Defining infrastructure and initial office setup - 1998
  • Office expansion – 2000/01
  • Restructuring infrastructure as a result of growth – 2000/01
  • Moving offices to new location (1500 sq m / 150 employees) – 2001
  • Restructuring infrastructure as a result of downsizing – 2002

WestPoint (Canada)
Screening, interviewing and recommending IT specialist to IT companies- 1999

MultiMediaMega Stores
  • Defining infrastructure and initial stores setup - 1997
  • Store expansion (Beirut Branch/ 400sq mt – Mohandessien Branch/ 500 sq mt) – 1997/98
  • Back store Setup (Beirut Branch – Mohandessien Branch) – 1997/98

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