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Manal Mostafa Ali


Having developed a solid career in the secretarial and management support/administrative fields, I have gained my expertise through exhausting learning and practice within different business lines: services, manufacturing, local as well as multi-national.

Work Style:

Through experience with a variety of organizations and management styles, I have developed proficiency and adapting capabilities through which I exhibit an optimum standard of performance.  I am known for utmost dedication to what I do and result oriented.  While I perform independently with utmost ease, I also enjoy working with team spirit chasing after achievements and objectives.

Competencies & Skills:

Human Resources/Personnel

I work with great enthusiasm to achieve.  I am also known for problem solving and effective follow-through.  I enjoy working with computers and all the support tools.


1996 to     Futures Language Schools

1999         Office Manager, reporting Schools Director

Responsibility; apart from the secretarial and management reporting responsibilities, I was responsible for several management-related tasks including internal/external communications, school presentations, schools staff personnel affairs and payroll as well as troubleshooting, complaints solving & follow up and management of PTA activities.

Projects/Accomplishments; (1) Excellent communications with staff, parents and 3rd parties; (2) Designed and implemented effective systems and practices; (3) was selected to manage the Chairman’s office of the ” holding company” for six months.

1993 to     Sheraton Heliopolis Language School

  1994       Class Teacher for KG I

Motivated by the fact that my child studied at the same school, I found my experience for almost a year a wonderful one.  My career enthusiasm for administrative support was powerful enough to get myself back to a management support role.

1992 to     Kuwait and Arab Countries

  1993       Executive Secretary

        I was the executive secretary to the Volvo Agent, Dokki Branch.  A large international enterprise, owned by a Kuwaiti family and deals in Volvo vehicles/engines as well as import and export of food items.

Responsibilities: all the secretarial responsibilities including; preparing reports, internal surveys and arranging meetings (indoors and outside); office management and all bilingual correspondence; composing & maintaining all sales offers as well as maintenance offers; full responsibility of coordination for expat visitors (accommodation, transportation, etc.).


1986 to     General Dynamics Services Co., Peace VectorII, Beni Suef Air Base, Egypt

  1989       Secretary/Administrative Aide

I was the department secretary for the Housing Maintenance of GDSC, at its Beni Suef base work location as part of the F-16 Peace Vector II program, a multifaceted USAF project for the in-country training of Egyptian Air Force technicians at the highly advanced and strategic military air base in the eastern Sahara desert.

Responsibilities:  all secretarial office work; preparing reports “weekly, monthly, semi-annual; & annual reports”; office management and all the department’s correspondence; holding a weekly US$ 1000 fund of petty-cash; partially responsible for the PV-II property control/inventory of spare parts, appliances, and furniture; scheduling the department’s technicians manpower; preparing, processing and maintaining all department’s purchase requisition; personnel affairs monitoring attendance, overtime and leave records and submitting relevant reports.


1983 to     Societe De Geston Evge.  “cargo company” Kasr El Nile , Cairo

 1985        Secretary/telex operator

1985 to     Temporary Jobs

 1986        Secretary at different companies as temporary jobs (like Total petroleum co., Alam Cementation co., Simotomo co.).

Education:                                                               Special Skills

Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University

BA, 1984

Major: Latin & Greek

Creating Business Forms

Computer using and operating Plus internet

Store-keeping and inventory

Familiar with all office equipment

Hobbies:travel, camping, driving, swimming/snorkeling, connecting to people, human resources

Personal:            Born 1962, married with 2 children, and possessing valid Egyptian passport and driving license.