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El-Shella Consultants Section

This section is allocated for professionals to share their contacts with members and our online readers worldwide (+370,000 unique visitors) for professional cooperation. By adding your entry to this section, you get maximum exposure on all major search engines.

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El-Shella List of Worldwide Consultants:


Computer related (IS, MIS, Developer)

  • Mohamed S. Omran (CEO and cofounder MIST/MIS)
  • Essam Hamza (Alpha Trade, UAE)
  • Nasr Mandil

Computer related (WWW, Designer)



  • Ahemd Tawfik Electronics



Graphic Designer/Multimedia

History & Egyptology

  • Dr. Ossam Alsaadawi

Legal/Law Enforcement

  • Amir Merghani
  • Dr. Mohamed Abdelkhalek, NY Attorney
  • Nashwa Shalaby, NY



  • Sahar El-Nadi ( Founder)
  • Marwan Hani Fathi, Tamima TV

Medical/Health Care/Pharmaceutical

  • Dr. Hani Nowara Obesity Surgery
  • Dr. Amr Abou El Ezz, Dentist, Orthodontist, Cairo University
  • Dr. Sahar Ghannam, Dermatology, Kuwait
  • Dr. Dina Hammad, Clinical Pathology, Germany
  • Dr. Ahmed Mokhtar, Anesthesia, Zagazig University
  • Dr. Mona Omar, Diabetes, Alex.
  • Dr. Ahmed El Kateb, Ophthalmology
  • Dr. Sherif Abdel Moneim, University of Cambridge (Nose and throat)
  • Dr. Omar Galal, Cardiology, Switzerland
  • Dr. Mahmoud Atalla, Plastic Surgery
  • Dr. Tarek Khalifa
  • Dr. Mona Azab, Internal Medicine, Alex.
  • Dr. Tamer El-Mahdi, Pediatric Neurological Surgery, NJ
  • Dr. Mohamed El-Refaie, Orthodontics, Ain Shmas University




  • Abdel Aziz El Aguizi, Strategic Management (InterSoft)
  • Mohamed Mabrouk (GIS)

PR & Events Organizers

  • Ihab Shalaby (AAPIC)

Real Estate/Movers


  • Mohamed El-Nadi ( Founder)
  • Mohmaed El Rayyes (Henkel)
  • Wael Refaat (MobiNil)

Secretarial/Administrative/Customer support

Security Services




  • Ali El-Chiaty (Travco)


  • Sahar El-Nadi ( Founder)
  • Salah Chebaro (Neelwafurat)
  • Ashraf Salah ElDin (Al Sharq Newspaper)
  • Heba Hussien (Akhbar El Yom Newspaper)
  • Akram El Qassas (Al Qahira Newspaper)

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