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History of the Arabic Language:
Arabic is spoken by around 200 million people in more than twenty countries worldwide. It is also the language of the Quran (the Holy book for Muslims). Arabic is thought to have originated in Saudi Arabia in pre-Islamic times, and spread across the Middle East since then.

Many modern languages contain words of Arabic origin including Indian, Turkish, Iranian, Portuguese, Greek and even Spanish. Spoken Arabic dialects vary from country to another.

However, although the classical written Arabic is understood among all Arab countries. there is a distinction between classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Classical Arabic is the language of the
Quran and old texts. MSA is the language used in newspapers and TV news.

MSA is based on classical Arabic and is more or less 'standard' across Arab countries, yet it does have many differences from it not only in its lexicon but also differences on the syntactic level.

The distinction between classical Arabic and MSA is quite clear and is not only kept for specialists. Advertised courses often refer to whether it's MSA, classical or colloquial Arabic they are delivering.

Do you want to learn Arabic?
Here is a list of centers where you can speak and write classical Arabic or local colloquial Arabic in the Middle East:

Check this list of Arabic Learning language centers and Private tutors

Arabic Language School



AL DIWAN Arabic Language Center
12 Naguib Mahfooz Street, (off of Abbas Al Akaad Street)
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
Arabic Academy 3 Alif Al-Nabataat Street, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt
(2 012) 218 0305
Arabic Language Center Cairo, Egypt  
4u Arabic School    
Dar Loughat Cairo, Egypt  
Diwan Center Cairo, Egypt  
Fajr education center Cairo, Egypt  
Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies (HIAS)

Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
email: info@hedayetinstitute.com

US: 1-646 2168308
Egypt:  +202 3583915
Kalimat 22, Mohamed Mahmoud Shaaban St., Mohandessin, Giza,
(202) 761 8136
Ms. Amira Almisry (private tutor) Teaches Arabic as a foreign language (both Fus7a (classic Arabic) , and Egyptian colloquial) - Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt +2  010 345 89 55
Mr. Emad Louis (private tutor) Cairo, Egypt  
Mr. Muhammed Habib (private tutor)

BA and MA from Al-Azhar in Islamic Studies, Education, Calligraphy, and Arabic Language

Ms. Sherifa (private tutor) For customized colloquial arabic lessons 012-3165898
Ms. Salwa Abdul-Tawab (private tutor) Cairo, Egypt  
Nile Language Center Cairo, Egypt  
Qortoba Cairo, Egypt  
The American University in Cairo (AUC) Tahrir Square, Cairo  
The British Council Cairo, Egypt  
The International Language Institution (ili) Ahmed Orabi, Mohandessin, Cairo (+20) 2 291 9295

If you know of good Arabic language centers or private tutors that teaches Arabic to foreigners in Egypt, please send us their updates and we'll add them to this list as soon as possible.

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